Interview & Clara Brea Parra

Photographer: Clara Brea Parra @clara_b_photo

Model: AndrÉs Cuadrado GonzÁlez @andrescuadrrado

Make-up: Gloria Bosque @glo_bosque___

Hair Stylist:Gloria Bosque @glo_bosque___


Where are you from Originally?

Madrid, Spain.


How important are early references to fashion, music and other culture to your creative process?

Very important, most parts of my editorials are based on movies I´ve seen, music videos, inspired but art references or even photo shoots of classic movie stars or iconic musicians. Pop culture has a huge influence in photography and fashion and the other way around, so as a child risen during the 80´s and a huge classic movies lover all that have had a big influence in every shooting I plan.


In your free time, what kind of pictures do you like to shoot and which ones do you avoid?

I like portraits, something that makes me get into a more intimate type of photography. I´ll try to avoid street photography, sometimes with It, I think you´re invading other people personal space and It can be a bit disrespectful.


How do you feel fashion is influenced by our culture and or vice versa if you feel culture is influenced by fashion and entertainment, how?

I believe fashion is influenced by our culture. You can see It every season, there´s the influence of native Americans, Peruvian, tribes from deep Russia, and some other ethnicities that inspire fashion designers. The same influence that pop culture has on It, you can see references to iconic shows from different periods.


What is the best way to describe the working relationship between you as a photographer and your stylist on any given project? How important is that related to the success of that project?

I think It´s very important to share the same vision, otherwise, It´d be more difficult to work together and be able to perform the editorial the way It was conceived. And total trust in each other, be aware that both parts are professional and know their job. Also be able to accept suggestions, because at the end of the day I´m a photographer and I know what I want in that part but the one who can provide advice on the best way to get to that point will be the stylist.


To date what do you think is your most memorable shot and why?

The one I´m sending you, Monochromatic Love. It was memorable in many ways, I´ve got a great relationship with Andrés, the male model, we both know each other well enough to trust the other completely. He believes in my ideas so much, he´s always in for any suggestion and he´s a terrific model. I knew to dress him in women clothes was a bit risky but If someone could make that work It was him. He gave me way more than what I was asking for and I think you can see our connection in every picture. Gloria, MUAH, was able to visualize my idea and perform a great job with hair and make up, she was so up for the idea that she gave 200% of herself and again It shows on every photo and the environment we worked that day.

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