Interview & Jeanne Perrotte

Photographer:Jeanne Perrotte @jeanne_perrotte


Make-up:Emeline Marret@emeline_marret_mua

Stylist: Zoé Caillet @zoe.caillet

Hair stylist:Emeline Marret@emeline_marret_mua

Stylist assistant: Sophia Cardine @sophiacardine


How does your background affect your work?

I’ve always preferred to photograph humans, even at the beginning. I think my firsts professionals experiences had just reinforced that love I have for human pictures, and most of all fashion and beauty.


In your free time, what kind of pictures do you like to shoot and which one do you avoid?

I love to work with a stylist and a make-up artist and create all together with an image that reunites our three personalities. I like more and more to make pictures that really focused on the model, without so many accessories around. I like to push myself on the stylism to chose poses, try to make the cloth even more beautiful and make it alive.

At the opposite, I try to avoid the most I can packshots pictures, on the white background. I think it’s funny for a very technical photographer, but I’m way more creative than technic. I would love to begin food pictures though, I think it could be something I like!


Since the photography techniques and equipment change quickly, it is important to stay up-to-date. What do you do to always keep up with the times?

I obviously try to stay aware of new technologies. I just bought a hybrid Sony camera, while I thought for so long I would stay on reflex cameras. Now that I have it, the quality seems better to my eyes, for what I do.

I work with logiciels and try to use the new one. But the most important to my eyes and for my work, it’s that I stay up-to-date with fashion actuality, with the stylism to always produce pictures that please people around. I think it’s really important to stay up-to-date to the people who will see your work once you publish it, to make something they will understand at least in the composition!


What are some of the depths that you need to go to in order to stay in a constant mode of innovative creation?

The more I shoot, and the more I evolve and have to renovate my ideas. That mostly the thing that makes me stay in a constant creation optic. If I don’t shoot a lot, I will certainly do the same things but in longs intervals and I won’t realize it on the instant. When I do three shoots in the weekend, I can’t reproduce the same thing and I have to find ideas on the actual moment. Maybe I find better ideas when I have to find some in urgency… ;)


What is the best way to describe the working relationship between you as a photographer and your stylist on any given project? How important is that related to the success of that project?

I think the relationship between the photographer and the stylist is primordial in the success of the project I have the real chance that I found a stylist, whose name is Fodé, and we have a really good feeling together. He is now a friend, I love to work with him and I have the feeling that we always push each other forward. His work helps me to go further and further in mine and adapt myself to ideas I won’t have without him. I like to let his liberty, and that is because I know I can trust him, he knows my universe. I always send him some inspirations before the shooting and I see the clothes only on the D day. That forces me to create a bit on the shooting, and not everything before.

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