Interview & Elsa Dillon

Photographer:Elsa Dillon

Model:Lindsey Almeroth

Model Agent:Reel Management

Videographer:Richard Dillon

Drone Pilot:Jack Dillon

Hairstylist:Elsa Dillon

Stylist:Gem Gem

Make-up:Elsa Dillon


How does your background affect your work?

Been shooting worldwide for magazines, advertising, celebrities, books & albums for over 30 years. Experience allows me to be flexible & manipulate shoot direction to what feels right for the conditions.


Who’s work inspires you to push the envelope creatively and why?

All my inspiration comes from free time with Richard my husband & our 8 young children, daydreaming, mediation, walks the beach, rainforest, waterfalls, yoga, surfing, gardening & horse riding…………

Quiet mind results in inspiration for me.

What is the single most important outcome of an image when creating a campaign or editorial story for a client?

Most important is that I absolutely love the image. As long as it fulfills my vision I am on a total shoot high. This high becomes contagious with the crew. It is so exciting, such a buzz to see the inspiration come to life.

What makes an image iconic?

Passion & Technique


What are some of your favorite magazines to shoot for and why?

Love shooting with all the new social online magazines.

Have had over 300 editorials published since the beginning on social media in 2015. When we used to shoot for printed publications Marie Claire, Elle, Bazaar, etc we would sometimes wait up to 9 months for printed.tear sheets…… much faster now.


Since the photography techniques and equipment change quickly, it is important to stay up-to-date. What do you do to always keep up with the times?

Richard my husband, best friend, Photographer & Videographer.INSTA @richarddillon111 Vimeo - Richard Dillon He is the technical side of our shoots, Richard hears my requests, then steers our new gear in that direction.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with GMARO magazine?

Advice to new photographers.Practice, practice, practice and stay true to your visions.

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