Interview & Beatriz Conca Bastida

Photographer: Beatriz Conca @beatrizconca

Model: Julia Oleynikova @juliaolee

Stylism: Ines Tell @ines_tell

Make-up Artist: Rocío Mendoza @rocio_mua


How does your background affect your work?

It’s in the way I see if the image I’m taking is working or the approach needs to be changed, also affects my workflow with the clients and the rest of the team.


How important are early references to fashion, music and other culture to your creative process?

In my case, I was very lucky because when I was a child my mother bought me all the fashion magazines that I asked because I loved them. My big sister also helped me discover all kinds of music and movies. These kinds of activities helped me to awaken my imagination and creativity.

I think that the younger you are, more absorption capacity you have for artistic stimuli and from there you can develop and evolve with age since you have a basic background.


What makes an image iconic?

I think what makes an iconic image would be several factors. On the one hand, we have what can´t be explained, those photos that really touch you. On the other hand, we would have those pictures whose iconography depends on the context, and whose impact comes from the historical or social moment in which they were taken.


In your free time, what kind of pictures do you like to shoot and which ones do you avoid?

I love to shoot people enjoying their loneliness in big cities or doing daily activities. I always try to avoid the typical monument or postcard photo because I don’t like at all taking that kind of pictures.


Since the photography techniques and equipment change quickly, it is important to stay up-to-date. What do you do to always keep up with the times?

Obviously, the technology in terms of photography evolves and changes by leaps and bounds, but I think that right now there is so much variety that I do not consider it truly important. I know works of incredible photographers that today are still working with analog cameras. If I had to highlight something that I usually pay attention to, it is about the development and retouching programs, new techniques and also the tendencies of these within this field.

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