Dreaming my dreams & Nienke Wind

《Dreaming my dreams》

Dreaming my dreams is a story about those moments in which we are in a state of absence.


Photographer:Nienke Wind @nienkemwind

Model:Urie Blaq @urie_blaq

Model Agency:@3dmodelagency

Styling:Nienke Wind @nienkemwind

Art Direction:Nienke Wind @nienkemwind

Make-up:Suaad Jeppie @suaad_jeppie

Hairstylist:Suaad Jeppie @suaad_jeppie

Design:@byvanharten & @lessoeursrouges & @naimagancy


Give me a brief description of your career path - professionally trained or not, opportunities that have led to breakthroughs.

After completing the art academy in Groningen, I worked for several years as a fashion photographer for various clients. I have been nominated for various fashion prizes due to my different approach to fashion photography. In my photography, I strive to tell a story. I prefer the conceptual side of my photography, telling a story in every image, I think it’s an interesting mix with my affinity with fashion.


How important are early references to fashion, music and other culture to your creative process?

I always use ancient art and artists as a source of inspiration for my work. Sometimes I find inspiration in the field of light, sometimes in the field of the thoughts of that time. The early indications in the field of fashion, art, and culture, in general, are the founders of the art of today, we cannot ignore this. I am always inspired by the golden age and the beautiful light of that time, the ideas of the era of enlightenment and the music from the 70s.


What is the most important outcome of an image when creating a campaign or editorial story for a customer?

I think it is important when making commercial or applied work that my signature is preserved and that people ask me for my signature and therefore respect that.


What makes an image iconic?

That an image lingers in our mind, if it is, it is a good image in my opinion.


What is the best way to describe the working relationship between you as one photographer and stylist for a specific project? How important is that related to the success of that project?

Both photographer and stylist are both responsible for the creative process of creating an image. In many of my work I’m doing the styling myself, especially in my free work I think it’s important that I work out my own idea the concept to the last detail. I think it's important to work out my idea about styling so that the message and story of my work become clear. I want to tell a story as a photographer, it should be as clear as possible, styling plays an important role in that.


How do you feel personally connected to your work?

I work as a photographer mainly intuitively, because of this I think that my work will become very personal right away. I come up with an idea and try to work it out as well as possible on my intuition. In many of my work, I try to tell a story, through body postures, the choice of models, the styling and the choice of a makeup artist. By making these choices I’m personally connected to my work.

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