INTERVIEW & Egle Ellerman

How does your background affect your work?

I am a man of feelings, so every my experience (rise, fall, falling in love, disappointment) somehow results in how I see the world. A photograph is a window.


What is your creative Mantra? Like what do you live by to stay on the cusp as a creative image maker?

Constantly be in love. Be it a person, a dog, music, an extraordinary movie or a damn good coffee. Fill yourself with a state of happiness and beware of emptiness.


How important are early references to fashion, music and other culture to your creative process?

I call myself a nerd. Art in all its manifestations is my passion. As a person who has been attracted to this atmosphere since childhood, this is the only thing that matters.

I remember every interesting scene, every goosebump, every "oh wow."


What makes an image iconic?

Each photographer has one image where you can say "This is all about him." This is what I call an icon.


In your opinion: what does a stylish – photography duo have to be in order to be considered visionary?

Where the model and the photographer understand each other, not even from a half-word, but read by the look. And in any way avoid boredom.


Everyone wants to get to mega-photographer status and have many of your clients as theirs, why do you think it’s so coveted and so protected by the industry?

Because so the photographer can embody his ideas about how, where and with whom he wants. It is a delight to have no resource limits.

Oh yeah, well, world-wide admiration as a bonus.


What do you feel ties you in personally to your work?

My work brings me insane happiness. Nothing can replace it. I know, I've tried.

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